Translator's music is available for purchase from a variety of online retailers. Here are links to a few of the the most popular:

Click here to peruse the band's catalogue at the iTunes Music store. Note: To buy music from the iTunes store, you need to have the iTunes software installed on your computer. If you would like to download iTunes, click here.

Click here to buy .mp3s from

If you prefer your music in CD format, click here for's stock of Translator CDs.

Looking for a real steal? Check out Translator albums available on eBay!

Can't wait for your album to be delivered? How about some Translator videos on Youtube to tide you over?

"Everywhere That I'm Not" Live.

"No Time Like Now"

Due to contractual restrictions, we're not allowed to embed the videos owned by Sony/BMG. Instead, you can click on the following links and view the videos free over on Youtube.

"Everywhere That I'm Not"

"Come With Me"


"Sleeping Snakes"