Translator Releases New Album - Big Green Lawn

Translator released their new album - Big Green Lawn - on April 17, through Redeye Distribution. The album is the band's first since 1986. The album is available at iTunes and all of the usual sites.

No Time Like Now (Rehearsal) by Translator

At our rehearsal before our gig at the Knitting Factory in LA. September 2, 2010.

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Thirty Years

Hello, everyone. This is Robert Darlington in Baltimore, Maryland, reflecting on the thirty years that I've been a member of Translator.

The band started as a trio (Steve, Dave, and Larry) in 1979, and I became a huge fan. They asked me to play with them on "Dizzie Miss Lizzie" at a party, and the next thing I knew they were asking me to play "Cry For A Shadow" with them at their next gig. The song has two guitar parts and Steve was the only guitarist in the band.

(We recorded this great Beatles' instrumental with David Kahne in San Francisco, and 415/Columbia Records released it on our one vinyl EP. In 1995, The LA Times Calendar section wrote that the three [at that time] surviving Beatles had recorded a new version of "Cry For A Shadow" and that they were planning to release it on one of their upcoming anthology collections: it turned out that it was our recording of the song, much to our surprise. To have one of our recordings be mistaken for the Beatles was a great moment for all of us.)

I learned their entire set at one rehearal,
including "Cry For A Shadow." --Read more

Eclypso -- Great New Book With Early Translator Photos

This website has a great book for sale by Catharine J. Anderson. "Eclypso" is a collection of photos taken at small San Francisco Bay Area clubs during the early eighties. Nine of the hundred or so photos are of Translator, so please check it out. I'm going to get my copy.

Welcome to!

Welcome to Translator Music online! This site is a meeting place for fans, a bulletin board for news, a resource for press, and your best source for the band's music.

2012 looks like it will be a great year for Translator. Or new record - Big Green Lawn - was just released on April 17, featuring the single - Soul On Fire. We also have a new video for the song, directed by band member Robert Darlington, using footage supplied by the band members.

We are also planning to tour, so we could be hitting the road sometime this year. Check out live footage of us on YouTube at Slim's in San Francisco and the Knitting Factory in LA -- filmed September 2009 -- if you would like to see contemporary footage of us playing live.

Also, check out the link to the Go For Change film at YouTube, featuring Translator songs "No Time Like Now" and "Point Of No Return." A film with a very important message.

Translator is together today because of the amazing support we have received from people around the world. Thanks for stopping by.


Robert Darlington,Steve Barton,
Larry Dekker, and Dave Scheff

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